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Femade (UK) Limited is a freight forwarding and export services company. The company was registered in the UK on 01 April 1997 with registration number 3342806 and commenced its operations on 04 January 1999. Femade (UK) Limited was set up mainly for the following:

  • Air and Sea Freight
  • General Export
  • Product sourcing and buying
  • Warehousing & Package

Our company is in business to provide the above-mentioned services to our numerous customers with utmost honesty, competence and reliability. Our objective is to surpass our customers’

Air & Sea Freight

We operate a door-to-door delivery service that is unique and second to none. Charges for the door-to-door service includes the freight, customers' clearing (excluding import duties*), and delivery to customers'...

General Export

  • Office Equipment
  • Printing equipment
  • Photographic
  • Glassware / laboratory
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Computer accessories
  • Consummables

Product Sourcing & Buying

Our networks of agents, suppliers as well as customers are from Africa, Asia and America. Femade (UK) Ltd is able to represent various organisations, individuals, corporate and/or government agencies/ parastatals

Warehousing & Packaging

Our large warehouse allows us to receive and store goods of all shapes and sizes within our premises. We also have dedicated shelving areas to store categorised products for easier and productive distribution


Unit 3-4 Lydenburg Commercial Estate

New Lydenburg Street







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